Scooter Shop Key West

Scooter Shop Key West

There is nothing like strolling around and sightseeing by scooter. I like the scooters for the fun but so is an electric car rental! The best way to experience your vacation is on your own scooter. The trained staff offers free training to ensure your safety. Key West is not huge and you can tour the narrow streets and park just about anywhere fast. The most enjoyable vacation is only possible cruising on a scooter, trust me!
Etta H.

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We get a lot of questions on what's the best way to tour the island. With all the different kinds of electric vehicles these days there's lots of choices to choose from For Sightseeing pleasures. I think it's a good idea to mix up your different vehicles. On the first day I would go with the bicycle, as that is the preferred method of choice for transportation on this island by far. The bicycle rentals are easier and safer and you get the fitness benefits. After you've had a couple of days touring on the bicycle maybe you need to give your legs a little break, and that's a good time to do an afternoon scooter rental. You can do a whole day or a weekend scooter rental, or shorter durations if that's best for you. I would shy away from the scooters for two, as the extra weight is harder on the driver and a little more dangerous in my opinion. Scooters for one are the way to go and more fun for each person. When I think of scooters, I think of island riding and there's no better place to do it then here.

Alphonse P.

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601 Truman Avenue
Key West FL 33040
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