Trips for Fishing

Trips for Fishing

Located in the city center harbor, just getting to the boat is a little mini adventure. It is a great area and is loaded with boats coming and going. From the docks there's easy open water access to the bay and the ocean. This is a lot better than a day at the theme parks, this is world-class sport fishing just like Jaws the Movie!
Justine W.

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Catch Mahi Snapper and Grouper

The air is so fresh when you are under full power, it is such a nice feeling. It is big and fast, a thrilling trip out.

Mable Z.

Reeling in the Big Ones

Nice key west trip here. On a cool cat boat and only $30-$35. I like that is 3 hours, not 4. It is sweet out on the sea and Snorkeling in the water. I like to fish, even spearfish too.

Desiree Z.

Open Today for Deep Sea Fishing

I wanted to submit the website url of Robbie's Marina of Stock Island. Our maritime Center is at 7281 Shrimp Road, and is a full service marina to handle all of your Boat Dockage and repairs. Many folks think we are just in Islamorada. Thanks ahead for letting boaters know and posting our new website url link.

Lorena D.

Hunting for Tasty Marine Life

Put the non-keepers back in the water fast or never take them out of the water, which is always for the big ones. A large fish can be revived by towing it slowly with the boat. A fish that has been stressed by the fight should be revived by moving it to promote water flow over the gills. Venting may increase the survival rate of Deep Water, over 70 feet, reef fish that are released.

Warren O.

Lucky Fleet

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040

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