Everyday Adventures at the Westin Seaport Marina Key West

You could not find a more special area to explore, go sightseeing, or to be your dockside home during your Key West Vacation. The Westin is such a fabulous resort, one of the very best...perhaps the tops in all of the Florida Keys. The Marina has some spectacular ships docking here along the seaport shopping and dining district. We have to recommend this for all those with the finest dreams of enjoyment along the waterfront.
Flossie C.

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Neat little Secrets in Town

What a beautiful area to be a boat captain or even be a boat passenger. This fabulous marina is tucked away behind the Westin Resort and is the middle of most popular spot on Key West. The giant cruise ships park here too! Walking distance to all sorts of local entertainment, restaurants, bars, and live music.

Rochelle C.

Boat Docking for over night stays on the island

We needed a good place to park our sailboat. You will like the location, plus you get a full-service boatyard to get you back to full capacity. Docking and services at competitive rates. A huge amenity is having no bridges to cross or low clearance areas.

Lucius F.

Westin Seaport Marina

245 Front Street
Key West FL 33040-8313

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