Condominium Vacation Rentals

Condominium Vacation Rentals

Our two bedroom and one bath unit was on the bottom floor, that is the condo unit right here. The backside doorway goes out onto the patio and out to the pool. Walk to the Green Parrot Bar, Blue Heaven Restaurant, Bobalu's, and Duval Street, just a couple of blocks away. Staying in the Truman Annex is easily one of the best treats on the island. A key element is being right at the entrance to the Taylor Snorkel Park. We love this stop!
Darla F.

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Backyard Hotel Key West

Since we like the tv by the pool, it was great that people had set up a big screen to watch the game. I just loved the entire area top to bottom! It was due for us to come and enjoy the Annex. This was a winner for sure, all was well out back!

Terrie G.

Modern America Island Hotel

This beats a Bed & Breakfast package, as you have it all. It features nice not luxurious accommodations. The BnB breakfast for two daily is over rated, since we like to go around. Nice zone with a beach close by and swimming pool fun.

Deon L.

Easy Parking at the Shipyard Complex

All the units get one parking spot only. It is marked and will likely be in the sun. Great location for sure.

Vicky C.

Plenty of Room for a Family

Each unit has all the amenities: HDTV, Wi-Fi, central air, fully equipped kitchen, laundry with washer & dryer, and much more.

Alfonzo P.

A location that will make you Smile

This is a five-star hotel location, but you have to book by the week. There is no standardized system across the properties, so be sure to see a good video of the unit. Hotel ratings can be confusing, and do not tell the story.

Pamala M.

Carefree Vacation Trips to the Florida Keys

Swing by the Key West Publix and pick up paper plates, plastic forks, spoons, knives, and trash-able water drinking and coffee cups. You do not want to spend time washing anything in the kitchen at all. Yes, the Condo Units come with a dishwasher, but it is so easy just to toss the stuff out. Spend ten dollars or less, and just use all the disposable stuff during your kitchen down time.

Bianca A.

Shipyard Condos

620 Thomas Street
Key West FL 33040

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