Free and Easy Shoreline Fishing

It was a blast to be able to fish right behind our hotel, at the Bayside Inn. You can fish just about anywhere you have access to the water, the Hotel Dock works perfectly. Fishing from the kayak is a big winner here. The key to Shoreline fishing is to enjoy the views!
Shawna H.

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Fishing for Blackened Sandwiches

We like to fish at Harry Harris Park, from the Shoreline or dock. Neat the Tavernier Bridge is always good, with the strong tidal flow.

Janis U.

Hotel Picks near Tavernier Bridge

Get the bait that is guaranteed to work or to die trying! Ask them at the Tavernier Bridge Bait Shop. They are very helpful, bayside at the southern side of the bridge.

Serena F.

Fun and Exciting Kid Friendly Experiences

The hotel provides an atmosphere that is perfect for kids (watersports is huge on the island) and their families. Little ones will jump with joy and take tons of video when they catch a nice snapper or yellow tail behind the hotel. Even the smallest fish will make all of the the kids happy when reeling it in.

Concepcion P.

Keepers off the Shore

You catch a lot of fish even off of the shore that you will not be put on the dinner table. To keep the fish still, cover its eyes with a wet towel, then take the hook out. When a fish is lethargic some resuscitation may be needed to help the fish swim off. Once you make a decision to keep a fish, stick with it.

Bobby V.

Shoreline Fishing

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Key Largo FL 33037

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