Shorty's Beer Market

Shorty's Beer Market

What makes Key West so fantastic is the open alcohol policy, as adults have the ability to grab a low priced beer from the local markets and drink it as you walk along Duval. Shorty's Market is also great for anything you forgot on your vacation: aspirin, coffee, or have a sandwich. This is where we like to get our morning coffee before our bike or boat rides. This is a Keys tradition.
Mayra Z.

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Key West Beer Store

Our city is so good about letting people enjoy themselves. It was really slow on the Sunday issue, it took forever to repeal the old law that prohibited alcohol sales on Sunday mornings. That is gone now.

Darius F.

Quickie Beer and Wine Store

Thrifty is nifty, and this is what Duval Street is all about. Five dollar stores and beach shopping thrift! You can save so much by going to the little shops like this. Plus, buying beer in Key West could not be so easy. Getting a Cold Beer, and drinking it as easy as one, two three!

Melanie A.

Beer Buying on Duval

You are better off buying beer at Publix, just stop at the store on the way into town and load up. They sell all the good stuff and imports too: Anchor Porter - Icehouse - Aspen Edge Coors - Amstel Light - Steel Reserve - Bud Ice Light - Pete's Wicked Ale - Signature Stroh - Sierra Nevada Summerfest and the best of the list, the Key West Ale! The store is at 3316 North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Merrill R.

Shorty's Market

215 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040-6507

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