Sightseeing Paddle Trip

Sightseeing Paddle Trip

If you have never been kayaking before, this is the perfect place to do it. You will be really glad for the adventure and be sure go into the mangrove trails. There are plenty of charter companies if you want to spend a day at sea fishing or exploring the keys on a kayak. You can Go Kayaking on both sides of the bridges, either the Atlantic Ocean side or the backcountry bay. What makes this special is the shaded Kayak Launch and the professional getting-started-instruction. It is a magical place to paddle, trust me! I would vote to do them both, and Robbie's Marina is the spot. We were attempting to decide if it was better to go on the four hour record-target-fishing boat or rent the kayaks. The first day we opted for a some time Kayaking around the lagoon area and feeding the fish down by the marina docks.
Raymundo L.

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Paddle Pleasures

The price is really good for what you get in an adventure on the water. A group of six of us came and we got six kayaks and had a big excursion around the area. This will take anywhere between two and four hours depending on how much fitness you are looking to get. Pay really close attention to the wind as that is your enemy on the kayak. If you can pick a day that the winds are going to be really calm, like early in the morning, that is the best time to go on a kayak down here. Do not be fooled by the wind right by the docks, as it is much windier once you get out away from this protected area. What fun are the paddle pleasures around the islands.

Keith D.


77522 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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