Sightseeing Tour Key West

Sightseeing Tour Key West

Go for a super duper ride around the city and learn while you cruise past the sites. City view trolleys is very good at making tourists smile with the knowledge and jokes about the fine island. Best of all is the hop-on hop-off policy so you can use it all day long. We would recommend getting off at all the stops and walk around to tour that zone. It is great for those to explore places they would otherwise likely miss like the Truman Annex and Fort Taylor Park. Island folklore goes really deep and is Very Entertaining. The ride is nicely cozy, shaded, with the perfectly wide open-air windows.
Dave S.

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A lot to See

There is a lot to see on this island and you need about a month to do it all. This is a great way to get familiarized with a lot of the different attractions around the area very quickly. One of the best features of the trolley tour ride is the ability to hop on and hop off. I was very happy to have gotten to see the Little White House inside the Truman Annex. I doubt very seriously without the trolley, we would have ever made it inside the Truman Annex complex. That is an amazing area plus the Fort Taylor Beach Park. The trolley really comes through in the afternoons if it's hot out and you don't want a ride your bicycles for a while. We've had a lot of fun on the vacations because we switch back and forth from bicycling for a while, walking for a while, and then taking the trolley system once or twice. If you have the time, get off that each and every stopping point. Every little area of the city has something unique.

Moises I.

Cityview Trolley

291 Front Street
Key West FL 33040
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