Six-toed Cat Show

Six-toed Cat Show

These cats are famous and you can see, feed, and touch the kitty descendants of Mr Ernest Hemingway. Fun like this makes this island special. The pet Cemetery is legendary, part of the interesting Things to See here.

I love the cats over at Hemingway, you can feed them if you bring a quarter. So funny. The food machine takes quarters.

We just saw the coolest things and we were in this town. It starts right at the Airport at the Conch Flyer where you can have a frozen cocktail while you wait for your luggage. Make sure you stop at the Tj Maxx shopping store for the really good deals, although the five dollar price is a pretty good around Duval Street. We love the Kaya Island Eats restaurant.
Leopoldo H.

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The Famous Six-Toed Kitties

The Six-Toed Kitties only needs some turtles to play with from the bar Turtle Kraals (weekly turtle races are held there). The Hemingway Kitties have birds, lizards, and other bully cats to play with!

When those cats want to sleep, they pick any spot for a bed. Lots of people walking by and talking does not seem to bother them.

Katy Q.

We are big Cat Lovers

Great...thanks. Please double check the kitty's toe count, he just might be a rare Key West Six Toed Cat! They are spreading all over the state.

Terrence T.

Cats have a Great Life in the Florida Keys

Please do not blame it on the Kitty for not winning the Green Parrot shot drinking contest. He had a rough time at the Vet yesterday (island paws). He had to get his rabies shot. The Vet said afterward, He is a nice cat, but he doesn't mess around. The Vet looked like Kitty had put him through the ringer. Yes, Kitty was rough on the Vet.

Alberta M.

We have to lookout for our Cats

Yes, save my Hemingway visits until the kitties wake up! I love the cats in Key West. I am redoing my kitchen and using that as a fun time. The kitty can have fun as I am going to take the ripped out cabinets and set him up a play coral in the living room. He will love it! For a day or so, then I will take it out.

Angelita O.

Spicing up life for Cats

A tip on cats...when you buy stuff, leave the boxes for the cats to play in at least for a day or two. My new microwave and sink will be delivered this Wednesday, and I am going to put them somewhere so the kitty can climb on them until the install. It makes life good for kitties!

Sheryl R.

Cats are Everywhere

Yeah fancy Lion King kitty! What a trooper. Happy, happy being near things, under things, and climbing through things. They hang out near Hurricane Joe's a lot.

Debbie Q.

Six-Toed Cats

907 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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