Live Music Daily at Sloppy Joe's

Live Music Daily at Sloppy Joe's

Trying so many of the local bars on the island, this is one of the top-five for sure. One aspect is that during the daylight hours this restaurant is fine for most children. Only if there is some sort of wild celebration going on that weekend, normal days are fine for kids here. The music is really good and food prices kept in line. Adults can have alcohol, beer, and cocktails at the bar or table.
Wendy F.

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Solid music makes a Great Show

See the best of local bands: Lucky You, Boarderline Crazy, and the Pete & Wayne Show to name a few.

Jeanette I.

Restaurants that have Healthy and Flavorful Foods

You can eat some really good salads at Sloppy Joe's, not just chicken wings and french fries. We found some really good places to eat that are not as widely known: Franco's Deli - Old Town Bakery - Help Yourself Foods - Blue Heaven - and the Salsa Loca Restaurant.

Cheri O.

Sloppy Joe's

201 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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