Sebago Catamaran Snorkeling

The size of the boat is enormous, it gets you so pumped up just when you walk on board. You know that feeling when you climb onto a roller coaster...It gets me the same way inside. When you are out on the water Snorkeling around, some places are 20 to 30 feet deep (other places 3 feet). It can be kind of spooky, but it is a fantastic the thrill which you adjust to over time.
Tommy J.

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Where to go Snorkeling in Key West Florida

You get a great ride out to the reef which is just as cool as the Snorkeling. Put it all together and this is the best value for getting out on the water. The staff is friendly, demonstrating safety techniques and explaining all about the boat.

Danilo O.

Ways to enjoy watersports diving

You will like the voyage. There is no need to Bring Your Boat down to the Keys, as cool outfits like this are the easy way to have the best time here on the reefs.

Laurie K.

We loved the Booze Drinking Cruise

Great fun, a sure fire way to see the best of the Florida Keys Marine Life. Try this one and the sunset cocktail party boats, which are a hoot with all the free drinks and food as part of the entrance fee.

Reynaldo I.

Sebago Cat Snorkel

201 Williams Street
Key West FL 33040

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