Something Fun is always Happening

Something Fun is always Happening

Be amazed with up close and personal bartender magic at Florida key's best bar. Something fun is always happening with Schooner Wharf. This place is a treasure and schooner or later you will be here! The best events held at the Waterfront Bar include the Holiday lighted Boat Parade, wreckers races, minimal regatta, and the battle of the bars. Music is a big deal with local and national acts daily from noon until late night. This must be the center of the waterfront party bar scene. This is the bar that hosts hundreds of events each year. Everyone from the famous to the infamous to everyday people leave a little piece of themselves at this favorite watering hole. Sit back and enjoy, or get your happy feet on to live entertainment.
Brendon J.

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Waterfront Beer Bar

This is the famous bar that has the Pint Sized Regatta each year, which is the comedy boat race. You know it's a good bar for cocktails when you look at the two-page drink menu that is loaded with all kinds of goodies. If you want to try something different how about a root beer float, that mixes smirnoff root beer vodka, root beer schnapps, ice cream, and a rum floater. The schooner vice is a frozen cocktail that is half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri. One of the reasons this is a favorite bar of all ours is the fact that they have live music starting before everybody else. A nice lunch sandwich with the big ice-t is really good when you have a band playing in the background. If you just want to have some beer this is a good spot to as the domestic and craft beer menu is plenty large. On draft is bud lite, yuengling, fire rock, sam adams, landshark lager, and Key West Sunset Ale.

Monique J.

Schooner Wharf Bar

202 William Street
Key West FL 33040
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