Southernmost Butterfly Garden Center

Southernmost Butterfly Garden Center

You will get plenty of great times learning about mother-nature in Key West, as this town is way more than happy hour cocktails. During the daytime hours is your chance to hit some of the places that let you get up close to the nature of the caribbean. The Butterfly Garden is Very Entertaining tribute to those colorful flying winged critters. Learn all sorts of interesting facts about the life cycle and behavior of these beloved insects. Get discount ticket coupons in the little-toursit-guide-books and from the train trolley drivers.
Kirsten C.

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We thought this place was really cute and a pretty good thing to do on a cloudy day or when The Reef Trips are on hold because of the wave heights. You will have a good time and learn more than you probably want to learn about the butterflies. They did a pretty good job with everything that they have to show you here. The gift store is open for everyone without having to pay the entrance fee. The Cityview Trolley Tour Rides will give you discounts for this attraction, and this is one of their stops. Go on the website and you can save a little bit of money by getting the discount ticket coupons. I have noticed that Key West is very similar to Orlando in that everything is available for a discount if you go to the website or get the local magazines and clip them out.

Elwood K.

Butterfly Nature Center

1316 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040
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