Southernmost Point Trolley Stop

Always a pleasure is the scenic views and the laughter at the Southernmost Point here in Key West Florida. The whole traffic flow kind of evolves and funnels right down by this buoy, it is huge! They put this big giant buoy in here because people used to steal it all the time. You know, the smaller versions that were here in the 50s and 60s were they target of collectors. Do not miss this spot!
June O.

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Trolley stops that are most popular in Key West

Very zany, as many of the girls like to go topless for their picture down here at the southernmost point. Remember this is a special city and things are just a little bit different. If you have children, pay attention and keep things under control for their sake. Mostly it's all family-friendly and only occasionally does things get a little more outrageous. We love the fun.

Frederick W.

Things not to miss in Key West

One of the coolest places in Key West (Cuba is 90 miles away) because of the people. Everyone loves to get a photograph or video taken here. Kissing the buoy is big too. The South Street Pier is here too. It has a great vibe all day long.

Jeremy R.

Southernmost Point

400 South Street
Key West FL 33040

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