Streetside Lunch Winner

Streetside Lunch Winner

Lunch and dinner with live music in the middle of Duval! Go ahead and put this bar on your must-buy-a-drink-here list. This location is perfect and one of the best spots For Sightseeing with some food and drinks. Everyday are deals on all sorts of drink specials and food. Happy hour is a good time and the guitar players often play out front on the sidewalk. We like the party bars that really hoop it a bit! Tops on the menu to me is the Island Grill burger using fresh ground beef grilled the way you like it with the toppings bonanza and a pile of french frys.
Carlene L.

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Duval Street Beer Bar

This is my favorite Duval Street Beer Bar. Very impressive is the menu for those that like tropical dishes and good salads. My favorite is the tropical fruit with grilled marinated chicken. The recipe takes tropically marinated chicken, then toss it on the grill and it is served over mixed greens with toasted coconut, mangos and pineapple plus a key lime curry dressing. The location is excellent kind of right in the middle of everything. It is very close to that fantastic Walgreens drugstore, which has the old-style for side intact. You can't go wrong with the greek shrimp salad, as it is very healthy and loaded down with good items including the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, with the feta cheese really spicing it up. The chicken wings here at this restaurant are served buffalo hot, inferno buffalo, or smokey bbq. This is the best place in town to get some beer and a dozen wings, with blue cheese and celery. If you are superduper hungry go with the sausage pizza made with italian sausage, jalapenos, red onion, roma tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. My vote for other yummy area picks goes with Commodore Restaurant, Harpoon Harry's, Bo's Restaurant, and the La Concha Bar. Willie T's Duval is very close to the Shipyard Condos for phone in for pick-up food.

Letitia D.

Willie T's

525 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040
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