Great Vacations deserve a Prime View

Very fine location, made the hotel a big winner. A Key Largo waterfront vacation is a sure way to make your family smile (all ages love this stuff). Experience the sunsets. Shop the island style outlets. Have fun in the sun or beach. But, most importantly, connect with the marine life on a kayak trip or snorkel reef boat.
Claudio W.

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Florida Keys Island Getaway for Watersports

Our summer vacations mean quick and easy, which is why we pick Key Largo. Sunset Cove gave us a trip that delivers. Now we plan to kayak on every trip down, plus we learned a bit about fishing too!

Ruby S.

Going Places goes to Key Largo

The coolest waterfront and you can walk to everything! Right next to the Bayside Grille Restaurant and Bar Key Largo. Now we know why the kayak is the preferred method of local travel.

Son T.

Snorkeling right from our Key Largo Hotel

The Gateway to the Keys is Key Largo and there is plenty to do in this area south of Miami. The top island is commonly known as the Bar Zone Party of the Keys. You first drive through Homestead and Florida City, then it all changes when you get to Key Largo. I like the hotel and all the boating locations and kayak point of entry. The hotel is great and the island has plenty of beach stores and shopping plazas.

Erich P.

Everything you need near the Hotel Room

I really hope we can do some good Kayaking like our last trip, and some biking too. Yeah it is time to head down for some fun in the Florida Keys. Spring has hit our brain and that means we are going fishing during the daylight hours, then happy hours. We need to have some fun this upcoming weekend, so that means Key Largo Sunsets.

Lynne O.

Sunset Cove

99360 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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