Sunset Ship Cruise Key West

It makes sense that they would come up with this type of on board fun. You certainly want to pull out the camcorder and record as much as time permits. It is so neat to do and my goodness are the views and music such a treat.
Joseph R.

reader feedback

Very fun and always a Winner

The start time varies with the changing seasons, but is always about an hour and a half before the sun goes down. Summer is really good, as it is so much later in the day.

Jana G.

Taking advantage of the Waterfront

One of the Best Things to Do down here and a nice alternative to the Mallory Square Events. People visiting seem to rave most about the boat trips and our world class restaurants. You just cannot beat being out on the water and onshore it is great to focus on the seafood cuisine and live music fun.

Ben B.

Sunset Cruise

201 Williams Street
Key West FL 33040

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