Open Today is Scenic Sunset Harbor

Open Today is Scenic Sunset Harbor

You just have to come out to Sunset Harbor and marvel in the beauty. What a fun mix of local nature, watersports, cruise-ships, which are surrounded by waterfront shopping and restaurants. This is one of my very favorite places to go and enjoy the cool scene. To find it, just go to Zero Duval until you hit the dockside waterfront. Follow the pathways down south until you hit this zone. We just love it here!
Catherine U.

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Wow it is Big Boat Paradise

Just take a look at this area and plan on doing a lot of sightseeing here, as there are tons of things to do within a block or so of the docks. Sunset Harbor holds both Pier B and Outer Mole Dock Loading Zones.

Hollis O.

This is the Dockside Sunset Lane

Most will find this area to be the most scenic of the island. So much happens from waverunners to the cruise ships. Any bar that has a view of this is one to stop at for a cocktail, like the Upstairs Hyatt Bar.

Merlin R.

Sunset Harbor

200 Sunset Lane
Key West FL 33040

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