Sunset Viewing at Simonton Street Pier

Sunset Viewing at Simonton Street Pier

We started out like most people only going to Mallory Square at sunset time. There is nothing wrong with that spot and it is actually fabulous. Variety is the spice of life and that is what we try for. All over the island is a bunch of unique and interesting places to polish off your day. This is one great option and there are hundreds more if you just look around. Another suggestion are the public restaurants located behind the waterfront restaurants, overlooking the sunsets. Typically with live music, we always have a great time at these beach bars with a view. The deck at Turtle Kraals is excellent.
Nannie S.

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Loved Our Vacation Experience

The Keys offer incredible adventure, rest and relaxation, and great family fun. Once cannot beat these sunsets too.

Lewis O.

Great views of Sunset Key

You can see Sunset Key from the pier. We went out to their open air dining restaurant, where you eat under a canopy with the fabulous views. They have a Boat Taxi just across from Key West harbor side.

Rosetta W.

What to see on your Key West Bicycle Tour

You can find more of these little gems best on a scooter or bicycle. Just be careful, as this is one busy little island. It is fun to tour, everyone is very laid back. Here is a few more stops you can make on your bicycle tour: (1) Captain Tony's Saloon (2) Richard Peacon House (3) Key West Cemetery (4) Southernmost Point Buoy (5) Martello Gallery (6) Pan American World Airways (7) Audubon House (8) Key West Lighthouse (9) Eduardo H. Gato House and the (10) Custom House.

Jermaine C.

Experience Key West on less than a dime

With all of the great Things to Do in Key West, it may surprise you that many of them are free. Not the cocktails or restaurants, but there are things to do (like the Simonton Street Pier) for everyone at little to no cost. Use the bike and go on an outdoor adventure ride, you will find places to sample a fabulous wine or outdoor parks with the views and browse the works of a renowned artist at one of our great art shops.

Carissa R.

Sunsets at Simonton

1 Simonton Street
Key West FL 33040

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