Super nice Sailboat Rides

Super nice Sailboat Rides

Escape completely, as nothing compares to the great views along the island shoreline. You get a few hours of boating pleasures that all will surely enjoy. The mid week boat rides are the best with less people on board. We love it and so glad the travel agent turned us on to the scene. The waterfront around the island of Key West is really neat to see on the way out and back from the reefs. Underwater an on the water play time is a Florida Keys treat.
Edmond I.

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Catamaran Sailboats

If it's your first time down to the island to do some of the water sports, you found The Place to Go. This company has all sorts of different things you can do so it's kind of neat to talk to them a little bit. Around the island they have small offices or open booth style places where you can talk to the guy about the different trips and make sure you understand what's going on. You want to time each trip relative to the weather especially if you go to go up and doing the parasailing and when you go out in the ocean to do the reef snorkel trips. The condo we were staying in, called the Shipyard Condos had a printer at the computer, which was nice so we could decide at the last minute and print out the coupon code. You will check into the boat about twenty minutes before the time it leaves the docks. I would recommend to try to do each item if you have time. The children most like the Glass Bottom Boat Ride, and the reef snorkel. The adults will most likely live music Sunset Sail.

Adela C.

Caribbean Fury

241 Front Street
Key West FL 33040
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