Tennis Courts at Higgs Beach

Our stay at the Casa Marina Resort was spectacular and made that much better with access to the public tennis courts across the street from Higgs Beach. Here you get to it the balls around with a waterfront view. Now this park has Bocce ball too. Across the street is a huge public swimming and Snorkeling area, so you can easily cool off in the water after getting your exercise in. Fitness, tennis, swimming, and cocktails just go perfectly together!
Tory R.

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Higgs Park Public Tennis Courts

What a pleasure to hit some tennis balls with the backdrop of the Higgs Beach Park Waterfront. Nearly every professional tennis player vacationing in Key West has played here. Always look when you drive by, Movie and Rock Stars hit it around here too!

Chong H.

Staying Active during your Vacation

You can plan on losing five to ten pounds during a week vacation in the Florida Keys. Burning calories all day long is forgotten, because you are having fun. Everything is better on the island, especially tennis with a waterfront view.

Mickey C.

Tennis at Higgs Beach

1001 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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