Views along the Waterfront

Views along the Waterfront

The beach fun is nice, virtually anyone can enjoy an island getaway vacation to Key West. No worries is the mantra here. Sunshine is the star and it's in no hurry to move on. It sure is pretty by the Shoreline.

Enjoy the sandal life style. I noticed these people have bare feet, which is probably not too good. You can walk along the shore over there by the White Street Pier. The wet wearable shoe is fastened around your foot completely so you can walk in thick wet beach sand without losing your shoe like you do with the flip-flop. I would recommend to everybody that you bring and wear your beach shoes.

Maybe the best place of all is at Fort Taylor Beach Park. It is really rocky there and if you're not from Florida, some people call them wet shoes or wet wearable shoes. It is the category like flip-flop, but the flip-flops will sink down in the sand and are hard to walk in. If you have chairs, this is the place to sit back and take in the boats cruising by.

Go here on your family vacation to swim anytime of day. These Photographs get me inspired to book another trip down to the Shipyard Condos. Enjoy the sandal life style. Bring those big inflatables and hit the water. They have some sweet beaches to enjoy.

We go to the parks with our bicycle basket holding our towels and snorkel masks. On the outer side of the Marine Park it gets deep and there more parrot-fish and Barracuda. This is sometimes called the best locals beach.

That is one beautiful area, I love the picnics and all the shade. It is a sweet location for starting your quiet water Kayaking and Fishing along the shore. Do try The Yellow Duck Tours for a sweet ride.
Alexis O.

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Atlantic Ocean

A body in motion, stays in motion, so they say. What fun along the waterfront. Do not splurge before splurging on a majorly substantial purchase, ask yourself this question. Can I save and still have a great time?

Saving and researching before purchasing a big hotel pick is key. Buy food and beer at Albertsons to save and just eat out once a day. If you feel good and save on the vacation, you will feel good.

Mickey G.

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