Top Scenic Locations

Top Scenic Locations

You learn a lot on the tour of the island, which is optional. Hands down a place that fellow guests love the most is the walk out to this island of history. It is said that in the early 1900s Pigeon Key Park island housed over three hundred construction workers. For history seeking cruisers this wins the top park award year after year. The whole thing is just so special with Henry Flagler and the spectacular rise and fall of the railroad that crossed an ocean. What a super place that brings back memories of the last train to paradise. Pigeon Key is the place where the workcamp employes lived for Henry Flagler overseas railroad company. The island itself today is a living history museum and a boat ride option to arrive for the tour. It is a great place to walk, shoot photos, say hi to folks, and meet some really good-pleasure-fun people above the ocean.
Hassan H.

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Scenic Walkway Park

Good to do on any beautiful day is the walk out on the Old Seven Mile Bridge. It's a great area with lots of boats going by right under the bridge near you. In this area there's a few different restaurants and a big RV Park, plus the Seven Mile Marina. There's lots to explore but the best part is for sure the scenic walkway. It takes probably about a half hour to get all the way to the dead end sign at the very end. We stop and take photos along the journey. Peeking down in the waterway is really nice to see the sting rays slowly cruising with their flapping wings. People say this is a super spot for the sunset, but we typically are at the grill next door with a cocktail in the hands. When they start selling cocktails out here in the evenings, we will be here for sure as this park is fantastic.

Raleigh Z.

Pigeon Key

3100 41st Street
Marathon FL 33050
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