Touring the Historic Locations

Touring the Historic Locations

One of the neat things you learn on the tour is the unbelievable time line that this structure has withstood. You get to learn a zillion things about the history of the island. This is a neat thing to do for all history lovers. Seeing the old lighthouse property is very cool. The museum portion is filled with engaging things To know About the City of Key West that only the history books know. Plan on an hour to take the tour and go up to the lighthouse look out tower.
Freida G.

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We are really lucky to have a lot of good things to do in this town that don't really cost any money or a nominal fee such as the lighthouse, so you can stay busy all day on a budget. This island is filled with fascination, things to make you ponder the past, like gold bars found Underwater. A lot of people died at sea just off the shore and the Key West Cemetery is loaded with great stories of the ship wreckers. Make sure you see lots of good things around the island that are old-style. One of the most photogenic places of anywhere besides the Southernmost Point has to be the Postcard of Key West part of the Cuban Coffee Queen. You have to get a photography portrait of the family al surrounding The Norberg Thompson Sculpture. When you go by Mallory Square be sure to look closely for Will's Hill the Landmark. You just might encounter a few spooky experiences such as Robert the Doll. We highly recommend for historical buffs to Tour Ft Taylor Park, Flagler Station, and the Sculpture Garden.

Glenna T.

Lighthouse Museum

938 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040-7423
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