Guided Conch Tour Train Ride

Old Town Key West is awesome and just might be the best vacation place in all of Florida. We really enjoyed the excellent and detailed travel information that the driver provides while cruising around the streets of Key West. Yes, he or she chats with you and drives the train at the same time. The train goes maybe 10 to 20 mph at best. This is a graceful ride to be informed and entertained. Two thumbs up to Mr Steve, our spectacular driver.
Sung A.

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Learning About Key West Florida Tidbits

Ask the Driver questions, before or after the ride. She told me about buying fresh pineapples in Key West. So we bought a $2.45 half-whole pineapple on sale at the Winn-Dixie off North Roosevelt Boulevard. I have been eating a slice or two everyday since our vacation. It is amazing how good and how long the pineapples are. Keep them refrigerated and they ripen nice and gracefully. They are probably grown above Key Largo, like Homestead or Florida City. I am now hooked on fresh pineapples!

Nicolas K.

Buy Train Tickets at the Front Street Depot

What a cool piece with Al Roker doing his thing on the Train. Key West gets so much free publicity thanks to all of the Zany Things to do in the city. The also visited the Hot Sauce Shop.

Nora B.

Breezy option to exploring Key West

I like the Conch Train and the trolley, but the open air Electric Cars are the way to go if you prefer not to use a bike. The bicycle is the first choice, with the electric car second. Wow, it is a breeze to cruise in these, and you can get a car that seats two, four, or even six passengers. It is Very Entertaining, just take it easy on the horn!

Rocco W.

Be sure to buy a Conch Tour Train Ticket

Get tickets online ahead and they give a discount. You can buy tickets on foot at the Front Street Depot, Truval Village, or the Flagler Station. A fun ride and adults love it too.

Jane O.

Conch Tour Train

1805 Staples Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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