Truman Waterfront Area

Truman Waterfront Area

(Question) What is the Truman Annex Waterfront? (Question) What is the Truman Annex Waterfront? (Answer) This is a required entertainment stop, add it to the itinerary. In this area you have: (1) Concert Events (2) Fort Taylor Beach Park (3) Eco-Discovery Center (4) Cruise Ship Docking (5) Port Operations and (6) Historic Vessel Tours. You can tour it all on bicycles, the best way to arrive and move inside the Truman Annex.
Gertrude R.

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Cool Things to See in Key West

What a gold mine area and we really love the concerts. Do not miss the Eco Discovery center for all kinds of historic and local information. Such a big area, not so crowded like most of the island. The government should sell it, so it becomes taxable.

Bianca M.

Lots to see in the Truman Annex

There really is limited high quality public space to have these great events. Making this into a modern venue that can be positioned to draw more events is the best thing for us down here. I mean big stuff, like regional and international events.

Noble J.

Truman Waterfront

100 Fort Street
Key West FL 33040

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