Upstairs Dining on Duval

Upstairs Dining on Duval

Really nice is the patio dining along the wonderful main drag of Key West. The kitchen is special as they focus on local Homestead Florida grown ingredients, creating delicious takes on classics. Island eating means ordering the dock fresh grilled swordfish with grilled asparagus. Even the side dishes are special like the garlic mashed potatoes or the lobster mac and cheese. Super views and tasty treats makes for a super dinner night out!
Marcy I.

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Fine Dining Experience

This restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and in the perfect place to get lots of attention. Every single person that comes to this island walks past this historic structure. I can only say good things about the food and the menu is very creative. This is the type of restaurant where you're not really going to be in a big hurry because this is a date night type spot. This is not the place for the guys to get together and have some beers, go to Sloppy Joe's for that. This is a fine dining experience in a casual tropical setting. A big emphasis of the menu is taking advantage of the seafood of availability down here. The commercial fishing industry in the Florida Keys is going strong and supplies very fresh goodies, that the restaurants get to take advantage of. I like sitting out on the patio when it's really breezy, that's the best time to dine in and open air cafe.

Freda O.


115 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040
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