Scuba Diving to the Vandenberg

This fantastic ship was sunk in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and is a top pick for scuba divers. We are extrememly lucky to have this icon here at the southern tip of the Florida Keys, which was a bit hit for driving more scuba divers down to the City of Key West. It is about seven miles south of Shoreline, now an artificial reef to be cherished by all.
Justine I.

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Advance Scuba Dive Site Locations

It really is a spectacular dive site to see, the largest artificial reef in Florida. Not for beginners as most of the structure is below 50 feet and go down to about 135 feet. The standard dive license only allows you to go to sixty feet.

Genevieve C.

Very good Key West Dive Site

Most of the time they try to land it up right, but they fail and the ship tips. Not here, as the Vandenberg sits up nicely. It takes about 30 minutes or so to get out of the harbor and get to the ship buoys.

Loretta G.


125 Ann Street
Key West FL 33040

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