Views Compliment the Flavors

Views Compliment the Flavors

We love a good meal and this restaurant came highly recommended by my sister. If you want a good steak, they have top stuff with all-natural vegetarian fed angus beef. We prefer beef and meat products that are treated with zero hormones and antibiotics. I first wanted to get a fancy cocktail drink and got a nice pina colada. The recipe used at the bar is bacardi rum, cream of coconut, pineapple chunks, ice, and pineapple juice. Pick from a fully stocked bar ready to serve with strong pour style! A nice setting really makes it good for tropical libations. It is a sweet spot to sip while you wait for some really delicious eats! Let me mention the super good fresh cut potatoes for the fries and the hand-cut onion rings. Do not forget a slice of the mouthwatering Key Lime Pie made marker eighty eight style!
Estelle Q.

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Chef Level Quality

Pick a nice day for some waterfront dining, but actually watching the storms out on the water is pretty cool too. They do a really good job with the yellowtail, making it homemade grandma style sauteed after being dusted with rice flour. If leaning towards the beef style meals, why not the New York strip steak, seasoned and grilled just like you wanted. The food's good they have it all down to chef level quality. You pay a little more for this particular restaurant as compared to say the Lorelei or Fish Company. They have a really nice atmosphere and is worth the price to come here and have a particularly special evening dinner. For those who prefer Upscale Dining, this is right on the money.

Stacie B.

Marker Eighty-eight

88000 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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