Walking for Fitness Sightseeing

What a great city for walking and bicycle riding, as every street has something special. There a lot of trees over on this side of the island which makes it nice for the coolness factor. All the foot traffic and bicycle riders cruising by makes it Very Entertaining. It is a pleasure to take the pathway along Atlantic Avenue, we do it every trip down!
Mariana H.

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The Big Island Bike Path

Such a nice park here on the beachside of Key West. We stayed in some condominiums called Key West by the Sea. Therefore, the sidewalk route we took to get down to Duval Street was along this pathway. It is fabulous and always so neat because of the people that are there. Expect to see a lot of locals and crazy stuff along the way.

Graig C.

Pathway to the Beach Parks

Rest Beach Park is a Key West Beach for locals. This is a fine area for Bicycle Riding and just general sightseeing. But if you're going to go to the beach, I would go down to Fort Taylor Park. All of the beaches in Key West are really good, but this one is probably the best for Snorkeling because of the big rocks they put out along the shore.

Willa A.

Using the Bicycles to See More

I love the bike trail areas in the city and they take you to all of the Restaurants, Bars, Activities, and Festivals. You do not want to drive a car after drinking in Key West, just my opinion. Please do not argue as to why it shouldn't be this way. No drinking and driving please!

Granville P.

Rest Beach Pathway

1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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