Fully Restored and Modernized

Fully Restored and Modernized

If you bring bicycles it helps you to stay at a wider variety of locations. Couples would tend to like being near Duval and families might prefer a big swimming pool resort. Old homes that have been fully restored and modernized are a treat to enjoy. Key to picking out a rental is to make sure you have your priorities in order.
Fay Q.

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A very Special Area

Enjoy a very special area kind of near the middle of the island, and not far from the famous Lighthouse. It was pretty neat being only a block or so of Better Than Sex Cafe, which has the most romantic desserts in town. Being a block or within a mile or so of Duval is a darn good thing because you can then walk more. If you are not bringing bicycles or do not plan to rent, the location of your unit is very important indeed. Without bicycles, travel around the area is not that good, so we would certainly recommend that all people bring or rent bicycles. I think it's really nice to be in the private rental type unit where you don't have hallways to travel like a hotel. This is your house for your vacation and it will be all smiles the whole time.

Gregg D.

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830 Center Street
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