Oceanfront White Street Pier

Oceanfront White Street Pier

Just how cool is this fantastic pier that provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Key West Shoreline. It is so pleasurable to bike or walk around this part of the island. On this side is a series of public beach access locations, free parking, and is loaded with sightseeing spots covering the entire length of the island. Since the ocean property is not built on every inch of the waterfront, you get nice views of the action out on the sea.
Hollie C.

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Key West Fishing Pier

The scenic spots along the waterfront in Key West is exactly what we spend most of our time exploring.

Susie W.

The Huge Oceanfront Beach Pier

I really enjoy browsing all the places for Scenic Key West Sightseeing. We have had a lot of fun on vacation here and try to make it four or five times a year. Living in Cape Coral makes it easy for us to drive down US41 and then US1 to Key West. This town is special.

Silvia M.

White Street Pier

1100 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-4883

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