Southernmost Swimming Locations

Southernmost Swimming Locations

The Key West bicycle riding sightseeing strategy always has Fort Taylor Park on the list. You only need about two weeks to know everything about Key West, or at least see a good amount of the core places. The cost is cheaper if you ride into the park on bicycles over the automobile. At least every other day we go to one of the beaches to swim. To see it all, you have to keep doing and seeking new things only. Some of the big attractions you have to go once, an this is a prime example. Places like the snorkel park at Fort Taylor are something you will want to do many times.
Janna G.

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Always a good Time

Always a good time is a visit to this wonderful Beach Park, that actually has a huge history behind it and a fort inside. The water is excellent for swimming and nice for cooling off in the summer. The swimming pool back at the Mills Place condo was a lot warmer than the water temperature here along the Shoreline. Bring your snorkel and fins, if it is a low wind day and the water is flat for better Snorkeling. We brought the kayak down and there is a location for kayak launching over to the left. This area is pretty tough for Kayaking, because of all the boat traffic. Some of the boats are really big and they put out some serious wake. There were some people fishing on the rock formations, but I never really saw them catching a whole lot of much. The best thing about this park is the shade, there is a lot of good shady trees up in the center to put your chairs underneath.

Jae O.

Fort Taylor Beach Park

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040

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