Yummy on the Waterfront

Yummy on the Waterfront

This is a great place for an exceptional seafood meal along the waterfront. So good is the bahamian conch chowder made that classic island style red with tomato broth, fresh vegetables, potatoes and tender conch. Located in the historic seaport, guests can choose between indoor and upstairs outdoor dining both with beautiful views of the marina. Try to top the steak kabobs skewered with top sirloin steak, mushroom buttons, red onions, Peppers, squash, and shrimp. With their vast menu, wood fired grill, great wine and beer selection, you are sure to be impressed with this Key West restaurant.
Giovanni O.

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I Would Recommend It

Eating out along the historic seaport is a pretty good thing to do and I would recommend it highly. The restaurant is really nice and luckily for them it's kind of right along the walking path, so just about everyone that visits the island gets to know the property. You get good sunsets on this side of the island and that is why the restaurants really do well late in the afternoon during happy hours and on into the evenings. In the kitchen is one of those wood fired ovens that can kick out some really good foods. I like the way they added a Bocce Ball court on the back side of the bar. This town is Bocce Ball crazy and there's no better place than when you're sipping on a cocktail. Live music is a daily event and the best time of day for you to arrive for a meal. Make sure you go upstairs to the bar for a drink and a view.

Garfield Q.

Turtle Kraals

231 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040
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