Entertainment Weekends in Key West

We start the road trip down to the Florida Keys and do lots of entertainment on the way down. Of course Mallory Square Performances are near the top of the list. The things that are fun like the money dog and the fire eater keeps us smiling!

It is a place to remember, and has endlessly magical opportunities. Just keeping up with the daily events and the live music schedule is a chore in itself. Love the videos, great job. Put it on the list of Things to do Today.

Some of the most popular attractions for our youngest and oldest visitors include the dockside performers. This is a super spot for taking some video on the island. We love Places for the Video Tourist.
Burton V.

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Ideas for Tonight

We are having a great time and staying outside a lot more fun now that we are on an island. Mallory was excellent last night. It's great! I have some peace and quiet places too, like Taylor Park and Astro Park. However, I don't know if I will have peace and quiet this weekend, since it is a full moon and the Mallory Square festival will be going. All the fun stuff will be out and we will too.

Equally as good as the sunset acts is dealing with the tall trees in the park. We volunteered to help and Tree cutter Florida Travel Commander did it, as that tall tree branch over the electrical lines is down! First was cut all the small pieces this morning, then finally I tied off the huge branch part and made the cut. The huge branch piece is laying on the ground. Fort Taylor Beach Park is safe again for all. Special thanks to the crew of Seize the Day Charters for helping out too. Thank goodness!

Timmy W.

Zany Mallory Artists

310 Wall Street
Key West FL 33040
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