Award winning recipes are the name of the game

Breakfast is a winner for 100+ Years
Many US Presidents, movie stars, and foreign dignitaries have eaten here. go

Hidden Gem of a Restaurant
We focus on the bars on the waterfront, like The Hurricane Hole Cafe up on Stock Island. go

This is where to go for late night food in Key West. go

Chef prepared meals at Shor
We wanted something very unique and special, here the chefs prepare the best for your party. go

Key West Crab Cakes
Got the outstanding Meatloaf Platter and it was a thing of beauty! go

You are going to like the Bruschetta Salad
We recommend this for all ages. go

Nice Beachside Lunch Spot
Good spot, we had a fun time at the tables on the backside by the water. go

Favorite Local Watering Hole
Sit back and enjoy, or get your happy feet on to live entertainment. go


Out for a Meal

Island Survival was about Fresh Water
But touring the old stuff can be so interesting and it is usually the little things that stand out. go

The Bike Path goes right by the Hotel
The suites are clean and modern. go

Truman Annex Eco Nature Center
Thanks so much for promoting our Events in the Florida Keys. go

Stayed in a Bungalow Room
Being closer to the beach areas was a nice plus, a sunrise swimming day is a real winner for the eyes. go

Five Dollar Man
The retail shopping experience is so unique and playful here in Key West. go

Big Shows deliver more Entertainment
We like the nightlife, when they have all sorts of zany shows and laughter. go

Southernmost Gift Shop
You will find this shop about thirty yards up from the Southernmost Point Buoy! go


Best Ever Cuban Nachos Recipe

Out for a Meal

What a great article your website guest did on the Cuban Nachos. The Crock Pot Cuban Nachos recipe has a few short-cuts to make it work on vacation. I can cook the pork roast the day before for eight hours until it is fork-flaked the cooked to perfection meat into a tupperware container that we take to the resort! We can use Mexican nacho chips instead of homemade. Come on, it is fun to do creative cooking tropical style. Florida Travel Commander is a chef-seasonal cooker. I am a chef-seasonal cooker noted for fork-flaked perfection!

Jeremy K.