Duval always Continues to Shine for the Cocktails

The best of the Ice Cream Flavors List
Wow, the yummy desserts here are calling me in right now! go

You are going to love the Beer Menu
This is one of my favorites as I love to sit outside. go

Makes a fantastic Cuban Sandwich
Do not miss the King Crab Cocktail and the Lobster Pasta Dish here at the tree house cafe. go

Lunch Stops on the Bicycle
Be sure to try some of the classic places to eat in town for a try keys experience. go

Double Cheese Burger
Super popular are the conch fritters made using the traditional island style recipe served with key lime mustard. go

Restaurants with the Island Party Vibe
It is located right next to another popular spot, the Green Parrot. go

Cuban Coffee Queen on Margaret Street
Real Cuban food and coffee is a dream to enjoy during your Key West Vacation. go

Seaport Waterfront Raw Bar
The hungriest of guest should get one of the seafood combo platters. go


Where Food is Fun

Open Daily Food Store
You want to stop at one of the big grocery stores heading into the island to get the main stuff for your condo or hotel kitchen. go

Excellent Learning and Ghost Stories
And You will hear it when you travel around the area. go

Great Hotel Amenities
There are lots of great hotels for oceanfront lodging. go

See the giant Royal Poinciana
The building you see in front of you was constructed in 1919, but previous structures were taken out by fire and hurricane. go

Everything you need for Diving
Get certified, fill tanks, try stuff, plan trips, gather information, and buy dive and snorkel gear. go

Natural Island Style Experience
There are certain things to do in Key West that are more memorable, the things too good to pass up. go

Moisture Wicking Tee Shirts
If anyone has not started a post on the fishing shop, just see the attached video. go

Bistec Empanizado Florida Keys Style

Call it what you want, it is super great fried steak. When making the breadcrumbs, all you need to do is place the crackers in a blender or food processor and let the machine do it's thing! Forget traditional breadcrumbs, a classic bistec empanizado uses cracker meal made of ground cuban crackers. When you're ready to fry up these beauties, make sure the oil is hot enough. Key is making time to marinate the steaks in lots of garlic and citrus juices. The idea with so many traditional latin recipes is to layer flavors upon more flavors. The idea here is take a thin tender steak lusciously coated in breadcrumbs and fried to a perfect golden crispness. There are a few keys to making this the latin way. Down on the islands this is a quintessential comfort dish. It's not surprising latin cuisine has it's own take on it on the bistec empanizado. The fried steak is one of the Florida Keys most simple pleasures. Country fried steak is breaded steak done cuban style. The breading mix is seasoned with oregano and cumin, that classic spice combination.

Adriana J.

Food and Tunes

Talent is a One Man Band! It is strong at Sloppy Joes. David byrne davidbyrne.com is the news from a new book or album. He is coming to Key West next weekend! Just cannot wait to see the action, plus the mile marker twenty four band. Pop-news-florida travel commander reporting!

Margie L.