It is nice to get Affordable Key Largo Hotel Accommodations that are Perfect for the Family

Beach Swimming and Tiki Bar
You have so much to do all day, and then come the sunset parties! go

Great Spot for Party Vacations
Just like that we were off on our water based journey! go

Mile Marker Eighty Three
This stay and play hotel is great for the boater and families. go

Plantation Key begins the City Center
The lodge was highlight nicely in the attached sony handy camcorder video. go

Coral Reef Vacation Cottages
Make a day of it there. go

Boating on the High Tide
However, you can easily leave the boat at home and enjoy the area on the hotel kayaks. go

Budget Priced Beachfront with Big Pools
Saving Money on the Discount Florida Keys Hotels means doing more homework and negotiating on the phone. go

Clean Simple and Lower Cost
Good area and you can really do it all for watersports. go


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Neat Florida Keys Boat Tour
The history of this island is remarkable. go

Cheap and Yummy Food is Evelyn's MM-103
Huge for locals, this is a great place stop for those heading farther down the Florida Keys and you are looking for a cheap lunch stop. go

Loved the Clams and Shrimp Seafood
They serve some really fancy cocktails in nice and big 32 ounce glasses, neatly decorated with a special twist. go

Islander Oceanside Watersports
Sharks are here, but you should not swim way out deep. go

Easy Reef Trips for Beginners
One of the things the crew will explain is about how to deal with the moving water and ladder system. go

Loves the Pirates, Diving, and Treasures
Only in the Florida Keys could someone think of a nautical display like this. go

All Sorts of Creative Gifts
I like to get a bunch of small items for my friends back in North Florida. go


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It worked out well staying at the Pelican Hotel in Key Largo. Such a treat it is to take advantage of the great waterfront and all the activities. Recreation is so easy here since you can walk or bicycle ride to so many things. We don't need anything super fancy, but we do need something to be very clean. That's our number one problem with any bad hotels, they have to be clean. I love that show on tv where they go around to hotels and rate them. I am sure plenty of people have watched these tv shows and that has made them realize it's better to have more emphasis on cleaning when you run a hotel. For some reason some of the hotels in the Florida Keys have gotten a few bad recommendations. I think the number one hotel amenity to have is a screened porch. It is really nice when you are back at your hotel, but not cooped in between four walls. Make sure you Try the Overseas Kitchen Cafe while you were here for breakfast. For those that are looking for a boater friendly hotel I would recommend the Hampton Boat Dockage. Probably the Best Thing we Did during the entire vacation was the Kayak Florida Bay.

Hassan W.