It is nice to Try some of the Restaurant Specialties

Open Air Beachfront Restaurant
Tropical sauces are yummy for dipping french fries. go

Top Rating for the Pizza
The spot in Old Town for stromboli, loaded pizza, hot sandwiches, and their famous french fries! go

Vacations you can enjoy and indulge in
One of the traditions that we do on each trip to the islands. go

Have a few Brews
This is one cool place to chill the feet and have a tasty brew or two. go

A great Cocktail Bar with Foosball
Big Uns has your sports covered, everyone loves to stop in for a drink and catch up on today's top sports coverage. go

Milk Shakes and Root Beer Floats
Tasty treats by the waterfront are just one of the many reasons we love the Florida Keys. go

Try the Upper Crust at 611 Duval Street
What a nice mix for a primetime raw bar, seafood and a lively atmosphere. go

Groovy Smoothie Menu
They make 100 percent vegetarian, with all items prepared using the freshest of ingredients. go


Focusing on the Menu

Lower Florida Keys Marina Bar
It is a boater friendly party spot for a day of fishing, live music, and seafood yummies. go

Colorful Margaritaville T-shirt Buying
It is nice as you can hear the band playing in the cafe which is right next to the t-shirt shop. go

Water Voyage on the Big Boats
Going out on this fine voyage is about as good as it gets. go

Save your skin and get a Hat
The first time we got off the Port of Key West cruise ship we realized that it was time to buy a big and comfortable island style hats. go

Seafood Sandwiches by the Seaport
Really good food is what this old town restaurant is all about and this is a classic style Key West Cafe. go

Lower Florida Keys Recreational Vehicle Parks
Very special in every way, you will like the location. go

Something Cool and Tasty
If you get your treat in a bowl, ask for a lid so you can put any extra in the hotel freezer to eat later. go

Restaurants for Singles

I so agree with the Florida Keys trips are prime, spending time in a good zone makes the inner vibes just light up. I have been trying to find more places to walk the shore. Of course daily demands are the work around. I am also looking forward to trying the new ford's grill, or whatever the name of the new place they put on the waterfront in south Key Colony Beach. I live in Marathon, so that happens to hit my mind. I go all over, this southwest Florida has lots of nice people and good places. I am me, you are we. Being single has been good, you are not single? Singles do well for meeting up at The Hurricane Bar.

Erasmo W.

Local Restaurants

We have such great local restaurants, but it is still fun to cook at home. I love the slow cooker, and maybe chicken and dumplings! If you want me to try them, stick a little bit in the freezer. It does take experimentation. I think I have egg rolls down better. I have made about ten batches over the past few months after eating so many at Taki Outi.

Clifton A.