It is really nice to stay in style

Seasonal Vacation Packages
Just wait until you start to play around the amazing swimming pools. go

What is the best Hotel-Resort in Islamorada
Planning our trip now and we have decided to stay here. go

Sun Deck
Walk out on each of the docks to really take it all in. go

Best Spots to stay in Key West
Try a sunrise coffee and breakfast celebration at the nearby Southernmost Point Cafe, next to South Beach Duval. go

Hitting the Best Parts of the Keys
They have it all and in one of the better locations in the Florida Keys. go

Walk to tons of good things to do
We got into the watersports and seafood. go

Our Final Cut List for Key West Hotels
Thank goodness for the wi-fi connection, as my google phone auto programed it and used that faster connection around the property. go

What a Pleasure to Stay
There's no shortage of great accommodations in Key West and you will love this one. go


Countless Reasons to Book

Kayak Launching Locations
Pick your sport of the day based upon the weather. go

Buy Alcohol
What could be better than the southernmost liquor store! go

Boater Friendly Marina Del Mar
Guests of the Marina Del Mar get access or you need to make arrangements with the Dockmaster. go

The Island Jewelry Bar
Yes, this is one to keep the fun places on your to do list. go

Florida Keys Mile Marker Recommendations
Thanks so much to the mighty folks that were there to help our way to a better Florida Keys Vacation Experience. go

Close to the Truman Annex
Pizza is the main course here, plus lots of subs and specialty dishes. go

Submerge into an Underwater Paradise
You'll head out on a power catamaran boat and be whisked away to the Key West coral reef. go

Florida Keys Home Depot Rocks

You were right about Home Depot concrete paint. There is nothing better to spruce up a Florida Keys home. I checked on it and the best product is just like you said, pick your color and done! Let's pick out a color and do the outside the swimming pool surface only to start. It is 31 dollars a gallon, and two gallons will go a long way to a first and second coat. Please do not bring the Catman Kitty, since his paws might suffer. Bring him next trip cage free, not this trip. His job is to inspect it, like he did with your new carpet!

Wade D.

Nice to Stay

It was nice to stay in the Condo Key Colony. It is just magnificent here along the docks in Key Colony Beach. We went with a condo rental, as you get so much for you cash. We picked here over the Upper Keys Hilton. Expect to have the best time anywhere in the Florida Keys, but the value resorts also provide even more comforts than home. The Upper Keys Hilton is Loaded with Activities. Remember, one of the best times to visit the keys is from labor day until mid-December.

Geraldine Z.