Pick up a conch shell and place it beside your ear, just watch for conch crabs that love visitors

Islamorada Kayak Launch Locations
The shade that you get under the mangrove trails is wonderful and creates a special water scene. go

Mile Marker 47
Everybody will enjoy the Big Piggie! go

Marathon has so much fun to do
Where the heck did this fantastic beach zone come from. go

Big Warm and Juicy Cookies
You can smell the super special treats up about a block away on Duval Street. go

Our Picks for Appetizers
But we have not come close to covering their big menu. go

More Than Just a Big Party
Do not be fooled by the reputation of Key West as a party spot. go

Roof Top Dining Spot
You can win a special prize if you can select the fastest turtle. go

Neat Location for Sightseeing
This is a fabulous place to stop by during the day for the scene or late night for the live music. go


Spotlight on Daytrips

Upper Florida Keys Pizza and Calzones
Yes, the owners came down from Jersey and their magic shows in the sauce and spices. go

Learning how to use a Pole
This was something completely new to us, but we knew that getting out on the boat was the way to go. go

Tasty Florida Keys Blue Crab Cakes
Yes, be sure to cook them in your favorite fat free cooking spray. go

Turtle Island Watersports
It is a super zone for cruising on the ocean and you can even buzz right down to the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Food Palace
There are two locations, Flemming and White Streets. go

Asian Restaurant
What a fabulous place to eat, and it is dine in or take out. go

Staying at the Historic Conch House
Someone is always available on-site. go


This is the Best Event

Spotlight on Daytrips

We are encouraging all of the Local Restaurants to be part of the Battle in The Bay Dragon Boat Festival. It is so fun and a primetime team building event right here on the tropical setting of the sandy shores at Sombrero Beach. This is the best event held in the Middle Florida Keys. Great to be in and so cool to see from the Beach Park. We need volunteers to help with check in, t-shirts, crowd control, and distribute the beer. Details are stated in the website url link. Please contact us with any event questions for racers, vendors, or the beloved volunteers.

Omer I.