Remember to Beat the Rush to all of the Key Attractions

Two Stop Snorkel
Riding on the boat is really neat with the clear water. go

Much to do in Marathon
Just ahead a big section of the bridge has been purposely removed from the linear marvel. go

Great Local Parks
Higgs Park is very popular because of the variety of activities you can do there. go

Kayak Coco Plum Beach Park
Looking underneath the surface is equal to the nice homes and condos along the shoreline. go

Wonderful Sealife Encounter
Find this middle keys marina on the lower end of Islamorada below mile marker 78. go

Lots of good Appetizers
They have a super good peel-and-eat shrimp platter with a pound of fresh cold yummies. go

Bridge to Big Pine Key
There is museum on the island with a wonderful collection of scenic and historic photographs of the flagler railroad. go

Sunset Viewing Hotel
Oh my is this place ever so well strategically located close to everything on the Key West waterfront. go


Some Great Ideas

Endless Amenities and Inviting Views
We have to walk through the Santa Maria Suites, the location is so perfect. go

Community Parks on the Island
This is the west entrance (or northwest) into the natural area. go

Party like an Islander
One of the very best times to visit the City of Key West is the week leading up to Fantasy Fest. go

Earnest Hemingway
We just love Key West, what a fantastic vacation. go

For All Things Tiki Decor
Being self-taught in the technique of Tiki Art is so unique. go

Southwinds Community Park
This is used mainly as a children's ball toss area and as a dog walking park. go

Home Improvements that are great for Florida
I have noticed that the artist tends to do a lot of his work right here in the evenings. go


To know About

Some Great Ideas

We are driving to Key West from Jacksonville Florida and want to know about the sunpass. We got the following customer message, which is unclear since we just got a new transponder. Here is the state sent message: the records indicate you have recently been notified that one or more of your battery operated transponder has been selected for replacement at no cost to you. The transponder upgrade is necessary and mandatory for Florida Keys sunpass to continue growing and providing the highest level of customer service possible. Your Florida Keys sunpass battery operated transponder in Monroe County must be replaced in order to provide the best and most accurate level of service. If you choose not to take advantage of the no cost transponder program, your current transponder will eventually be de-activated. If you no longer use your Florida Keys sunpass transponder, please contact Key West sunpass today to deactivate your account. To view the types of transponders offered, go to selecting a transponder.

Micah O.