This is the kind of Thing that is good for all Ages

Something Fun and Crazy Every Single Day
What a fantastic entertainment district and now it is awesome from end to end. go

Cityview Trolly Tour Rides
Get discount tickets to the Cityview Trolley at the chamber building, in downtown on the lower end of the city. go

Easy Key West Learning Guide
Everyone enjoys the trolley ride, this is one of the most popular and highly rated things to do in Key West. go

Something Special Around Every Corner
Just amazing are all the artifacts, treasures, distort homes, bars, and restaurants. go

Higgs Beach Pier and Snorkel Zone
You are on the Marine Park, where snorkeling right off the beach is excellent along the old wood structures. go

The Best of Historic Old Town
Taste Cuban food at the restaurant or patio bar. go

State of the Art Catamaran
You get to buzz around up high on the giant ship with plenty of tunes, cocktails, and smiles! go

Great Views
Pick a really pretty day out to have the most spectacular views. go


First Time Visitors

Key Limes on the Brain
This is the snack of the island, perfect with coffee for breakfast, an afternoon bit to eat, or dessert after dinner. go

Plenty of Events that Shine
After the show, we meet up at Fat Tuesday's Frozen Drink House for cocktails and discuss the evening talent. go

Wade or Swim with the Dolphin
Only sea world does it better, but the setting here makes this more special. go

Sushi and Sashimi
My starter pick is the shrimp tempura roll with avocado, asparagus, masago and mayo. go

Doing it right is Boater Friendly Islamorada
You leave by boat and can turn either way to huge the coastline and explore. go

Volleyball Courts at Smathers Beach Oceanside
Tons of girls play volleyball in Key West, maybe even more than guys. go

Local businesses need to get on this show
I hope everyone around the islands knows about it. go

Keeping the Smiles On

Life in Key West has challenges like rusty bolts and lizards. I did not realize that Home Depot and lowe's had the screen framing screw system that does not rust out. We saw the product at the Marathon ace hardware. Happy I am to have bought this, now that I have done a few. It really is a major improvement, as I see the difference of taking the rusty screws out and putting in the new ones. I started the process this afternoon, just need to wait for more clouds to cool things down. The rusty pool cage bolts are coming out! I am going to make it lizard free. Two new screen door sweeps will block the holes by the doors. I am going to seal off any other ways they can get in. If the southernmost lizards cannot get inside easily, then the new painted floor will stay much cleaner without the lizard droppings. My inspiration is the Truman Annex, as I want my home to looks just so perfect. No rusty bolts and no lizards, just chickens!

Ebony J.

Good Places to Go

We always have so much fun when where and the Marathon area and I think it's one of those ten mile square chunks that is one of the better places to vacation. There's a lot of good places to go and one of my picks is the dockside Tropical Cafe and you need to Try a Little bit of Everything. Events are huge and one of the ones I would never miss is the craft beer and bubbly festival, and that is a good time every December at the Marathon Community Park. It's nice that they do a lot of things at for the local fisherman's hospital foundation and that helps people with school payments to get in college and for healthcare for needy people.

Drinking wine is a lot better when you're on island and maybe even tonight I'm gonna get some champagne when I'm looking for my refreshments and then some hot chicken wings to go with it. Champagne and chicken wings and then I can toss the bones out into the waters to let the little fish eat on them which is actually kind of thrilling because you can see down in the water so nice. Make sure you stop over at town square mall, there's a bunch a different things in their on the Overseas Highway just before you head down towards Key West. Thank goodness for this lovely town and all the good things that we have going on for cuisine, entertainment, and cold drinks. Did I mention the fishing opportunities!

Allyson P.