Today is the day for some extra tasty creatively made food dishes

Beachside Dining at Higgs Beach Park
They really do a good job and making a dinner experience special. go

Fish Fingers
All of the walking and sightseeing allows one to indulge in some of the golden fried seafood favorites. go

Front Street Hot Dog Restaurant
This hip spot is close to it all, nicely located in the heart of the action. go

Salad Wings and Cold Beer
We are now regulars of the Sports Page, the beers are nice and cold. go

Key West Pina Colada Saloon
This is our new favorite spot for outdoor dining the Florida Keys, try to find a nicer place. go

Top Rated Cocktails and Bar Food
They know how to pack a huge punch of fun and entertainment in one location, here at Sloppy Joe's Key West. go

Take-Out Food-to-Go
Everything is so casual and fun in this city, no need to dress up for lunch and dinner. go

Party time Cocktail Bars
I asked the bartender to pick a drink and so good is the propeller punch. go


Menu Vote Winners

Island Wearables That Ladies Rave Over
What a beautiful property for a store front. go

What the Alcohol and Driving in Key West
Tons of booze gets sipped and guzzled down in this town (blame it on happy hours) and we are part of the problem! go

It is a Super place for a Concert
Keep a good eye out on the event schedule and you will be surprised at the fantastic shows and entertainers booked to play here. go

Outfits for Fantasy Fest
Take your pick of pleasures, pain, sweet, or naughty! go

Favorite Key West Shoreline
This is the place to bring your chairs and umbrellas to relax with a view. go

Cuban Art and Cigar Store
Havana and the Florida Keys are sister islands, they share so many tropical attributes. go

Southernmost Gift Shop
You will find this shop about thirty yards up from the Southernmost Point Buoy! go


Love the Cuban Food

Menu Vote Winners

The cuban presence is still alive and well in the keys. There is lots of good cuban food: cuban coffee and cuban sandwiches. Menu winners are the vaca frita, ropa vieja, roast pork and chicken dishes. The cigar factories have long since moved up to Tampa and many immigrants settled in Miami. Refugees flocked here in the late 1800s to avoid spanish rule in cuba. Pick your sides: rice, beans, yuca, and plantains to name a few. We recommend the Cafe Cubano at mile marker 100 for the best Cuban Food.

Jeramy Q.