Tropical colors are the island style shopper

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Store
The Key West spot for seafood, margaritas, and a cheeseburger in paradise. go

Buying Retail Seafood in Key West
I like to dip the fish and conch fritters in multiple sauces to give them more flavor. go

Havanos Cigar Bar at 925 Duval
Do ask about the cigar-making process, learning this is part of the fun. go

Really good Gifts
This store makes gift shopping so easy, with low prices to match. go

Wine Making Florida Keys Style
This is the answer to Which store is best for buying a bottle of wine? go

Whitehead and Simonton Shopping Districts
Most of the items are from locals that create these magnificent objects, which can be used for lasting memories of your Key West vacation. go

Handcrafted Works of the Mayan Artisans
Get timeless beauty of the handcrafted works of the local artisans. go

Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals
Fashion on the Conch Train Tour is a Maxi Skirt and Denim Top, with a Trendy Cap to protect the hair in the wind. go


Favorite Local Shops

The Trolley will take you into Bahama Village
Later we heard the story, it was all part of the Cuban employment process. go

Unique to see in the Florida Keys
That always gets a hoot out of us. go

So Fun Learning About Key West History
Try to do that learning and historic stuff during the first few days of your vacation, the early knowledge helps you out on day three, four, and five, etc. go

Entertainment to Keep the Smiles On
Entertainment is easy to find to keep the smiles on. go

Seaport Harbor Walk
Thank goodness the local political leaders had the foresight to build a giant public walkway system all the way around this fishing village. go

Wild times during Spring Break
The Smokin' Tuna Saloon has the coolest little tucked away location at 4 Charles Street Key West. go

Silver King Fishing is the Best
Live blue crabs are always a good fish bait. go

Cheap long Sleeve Tee Shirts

I love all the stuff on saving money on vacation. I haven't seen bean bags at the Flea Market, but do think it is a great game to have at the hotel. Corn toss is a big deal on the islands. Hope you are doing ok today after your Bocce arm fixing procedure. Those cheap long-sleeve tee shirts are perfect to hold your arms in tight and no sunburn.

Raleigh T.

Stores Down in the Florida Keys

Dressing up for an event if you live in South Florida or in the Florida Keys happens all the time. The difference is I'm wearing a cuban style guayabera shirt and some nice linen shorts complemented by some don johnson inspired men's sandals! As far as I'm concerned sean connery would probably look outstanding dressed in that style! You don't have to wear long pants to dress up, I might even put on some cologne to go with my guayabera shirt! Way to go on the mountain climbing, I am impressed. It's always fun taking long walks and for me it's in the beach sand in my short pants! I went to the Kohl's store today and bought two more shorts and some another fancy shirt and with the coupon stacking it was only thirty-two dollars. I like coupon stacking and the five dollar stores down in the Florida Keys.

Sheila G.

Florida Keys Buying

I like Walmart a lot and here is what they sent me after my order finished. Thank you for using our South Florida pickup service. To help us continue to serve you better, please tell us what you think by answering these quick questions. Click here to rate your Florida Keys buying and shipping experience. Great news is you got your package on time!

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Lamont O.