We love resorts with that extra touch of hospitality

Exceptional is the Hyatt
This one is right in the Old Town Key West party and entertainment zone. go

Lower Florida Keys RV Park
Very special in every way, you will like the location. go

Bicycle Riding is a Breeze from the Units
This is a really unique property as the location allows you to quickly bicycle ride to all the fun things and have your boat too! go

Heated swimming pool and centrally located
The view from the Shipwreck Museum makes for a neat Key West view and experience. go

You can Rent Oceanfront in the Florida Keys
We picked a wonderful oceanfront property on the tip of Key Colony Beach. go

The Best Way to Vacation in the Florida Keys
Try to find a nicer place to stay in Islamorada or Key West. go

Benchmark for the Key West Hotels
You do so much walking and fitness in the Florida Keys, the shower becomes your best friend. go

Hotel for Bicycle Riding
The Chesapeake is right next to Whale Harbor and very close to Holiday Isle! go


Travel Rejuvenation

The best of the Ice Cream Flavors List
This is the pick-me-up you need to keep your body moving around this historic town! go

Buy all types of Fish Bait
Big with those locals that toss the hook in, with all the bait fish, shrimp, and ballyhoo. go

Secret Spots for Yummy Stuff
We first found out about this place by eating out at the Sunset Pier at Zero Duval Street. go

One Fine Beer Bar
This became our favorite of the local cafe bars. go

Hotels for the Kayak
This area is very nice, just about ten miles above Marathon. go

Egg Rolls
And take advantage of the lunch special I think the fact that the hotel and put it in the refrigerator so we can eat it for late-night back. go

Where to get a ladies bikini
They have some really cool stuff and are always a head of the curve on style. go


Local Pet Friendly Hotels

Travel Rejuvenation

Taking Pets is a big deal and there are a bunch of hotels here that allow you to have your cat. Tell the kitty he will be safe and sound, plus not neglected like your plan. Your plan was to put him in storage at the vet! I have a better idea! Florida Travel Commander will save the day and help with the kitty. Catman Kitty likes an ever day visitor, even if it is only for twenty minutes to an hour. Way to go super kitty saver Florida Travel Commander. Thanks to all of the local pet friendly hotels.

Wendell Y.