Adams Cut Boating Channel

Officially known as Howard Adams Waterway, you get 14' of clearance under the bridge. Higher up is Jewfish Creek and to the southern end is Tavernier Creek. Adams Cut is the primary navigation path to cross Northern Key Largo.

When you are setting up your hotel reservations, do keep the cut through canals for boating in mind. It is a big deal to have quick access when you need to cross back because of storms, wind, or just to get back to the hotel.

Apparently, this boater cut through was built much later than the other water ways. From my understanding, it was a huge battle because of the crazy environmental people that won't let people do anything to improve boating in South Florida. The fishing is darn good, that is what we like.
Beverley L.

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Easy Boating in the Florida Keys

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Lea W.

Adams Cut

103500 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-2839

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