Celebrate the Sunset

Celebrate the Sunset

Key West at sunset is even better if you go here after starting off at the Hogs Breath bar happy hours. All ages and families can enjoy the sunset without any bad words, since the entertainment is similar to the Disney Boardwalk at Epcot. The Sunset Celebration takes place nightly at the Mallory Square dock in Key West and is great when you bring your big-smiles-attitude. This is where the native-locals and tourists hang out to watch the marvelous sunsets and take in the street performances. It is legal to carry a beer or cocktail in your hand in a plastic cup. You'll see fire ant eaters, arts and crafts vendors, plus split a coconut and make a drink out of it guy. Nothing tops seeing all sorts of Street Performers with the nice backdrop of Sunset Key. The favorite is the guy who does the tight rope and does jokes. One guy gets cats to jump through hoops, plus more jokes!
Tory P.

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High Wire

You never know what to expect when you're witnessing a high wire act right on the dock ledge. If he falls off and goes to the left, it will be a graceful landing in about fifteen feet of water. The water is really deep off the edge because of the big ships like Carnival Fascination dock along the sea wall. If he falls to the right, he will probably survive but it might be a big loud thud when he hits the concrete. Luckily the people that do the performances out here on Mallory Square are really good at what they do. Mostly it's about comedy, not so much high drama. Being able to do a couple of things that are more theatrical for the crowd is good and that means you're probably going to make more money. I doubt very seriously that these people do this permanently as a full-time job. I think they have daytime jobs as maybe a chef or delivering the mail, and come out here as a part-time performer. A good performance is at least worth a dollar and maybe a lot more if you really enjoyed it.

Mitch F.

Mallory Square

1 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040-6634

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