Bar on the Seaport

Bar on the Seaport

This location is historic as the bar was once the singleton Fish House and ice plant. Forever famous are the conch fritters and this is the best place to order some. The conch fritters on the menu are tenderized conch mixed with Peppers, onions, spices, fried golden brown. All the seafood comes with lemon, cocktail sauce, and really good key lime mustard. The crispy lobster sandwich is so good on grilled sourdough bread with onion, lettuce, tomato, and banana peppers.
Jermaine R.

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Excellent Waterfront Bar

I love a restaurant when the first thing they hand you is the drink menu! Cocktails are the king of the show after six pm each day when we are on vacation in the Florida Keys. This is an island where you work out all day long with the Bicycle Riding and the reef Snorkeling trips, then the alcohol flows. Plan on having a good time and being in no hurry when you eat at up. The bar is a prime place with views, good value on the menu, and the excellent vibe. We had to honor mr shipwrecker with the mel's gold cocktail. Irresistible is a cocktail that features Mel Fisher's atocha gold spice rum. I normally get one of the mojitos with bacardi light rum. If you want to experiment why not try a citrus mojito or a mango mojito. The key lime martini uses vodka, key lime liqueur, and Graham cracker crust for dessert in a glass! This is a Rum Bar so pick between: appleton extra, Havana club, bacardi, cruzan and the rest.

Jeanette B.

Conch Republic Seafood

631 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040
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