Best Oceanfront Tiki Sipping Bar

Best Oceanfront Tiki Sipping Bar

We love to sip on the tropical fruit smoothies and the legendary cocktails. A beachside tiki is all tempting you to take time out and cool down. Cocktails are served to you right at your beach lounge chair. The bar is super and what a pleasure filled summer vacation resort. Get a taste of the drink menu bursting with flavor. Ice cold Poolside Cocktails are the best hotel amenity. Sipping away at your favorite cocktail in the sunshine defines that moment of relaxation.
Garfield I.

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Hotel Tiki Bar

My goodness did we ever have a fun time staying here at this resort. I think the best amenity of all of them is having your own little Tiki Bar. The bartender is great about Strong Pour Cocktails if you ask them for it. If you like your drink made strong just ask them to do that and they will oblige you. When you're staying in the hotel make sure you watch the channel ninteen tourist tv. The local tv channel is really good about explaining the different restaurants and bars you can go to that are not far from the hotel. It is nice getting ideas while you are dressing or sipping on coffee in the morning. We typically went on the bicycles and did most of the touring until about four pm or five pm each day. After the sightseeing it was time to head to the cocktail bar here by the beach. You can take your cocktail after you get it and carry it over to the swimming pool or out on the fishing pier. The menu is really good too. They have a bunch of nice things including Chicken Salad that is made like a chef would do it.

Carla U.

Sun-Sun Beach Bar

1500 Reynolds Street
Key West FL 33040
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